Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy B-day to me! My Hubby got me the best b-day gift!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!

Ricky got me a photo printer so I can print out my pictures and a mimi lap top cause my big on is broken on the hinge it still works but I cant close it :( Its the best gift! I love it! He couldn't wait till my birthday to give it to me but its ok! 25 years old and starting off the year right!

Tiger lily eats her veggies!

She loves cucumber!

Steve and Rich in sweden!! Best time!!!!

There are waaaaay to many pics to put up up this is a small glimpse!

Oh the hair I do!

4th of July BBQ in Sweden hahaha!

Im patriotic! :)

We got our picture! Wooo

We finally got are HB photo that we took when home for Christmas! I love it! then we got a new shelf from are neighbors Sophie and Jonathan they are the best, and I put up my Mexico pics that I stole from home! They will never notice! A girl has to have pics of her childhood. The black puppy is Bailie's Sophie and jonte's new puppy as you can see my kitties Bella and Tiger lily are intrigued, and maybe a but jealous the aren't out running around! :)