Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Who's Laughing Now


Snow it not even november! How do people live like this there while life's! I love snow. For a month or 2 but 5 NO UT UH!


My maybe do!


I hate everything, I just wanna be left alone. Can't stop crying everything is wrong right now. I can even just be a good mom. I can help my daughter who's in pain I have tried everything. I really cant breath, my chest is heavy. I lost everything family, friends, I'm so poor I can't take it anyone. I can stand being here, where everyone seems to find reasons to hate me. my mental health is suffering. Can someone ether help me get out of here, or just leave me alone. I don't need anyone else telling me how shity of a person I am. World just leave me alone. :,(

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

True and true!

So pretty!

Candles my style!

Hair color love

What a beautiful morning...

The best in life is free!

Victimin c looks like pee!


Warning!!! Graphic details. :/ Poor girl had a tummy ache!

Today there has been vomit and constipation for the little girl! She was so hard in her stomach, it was an hour of crying and pacing back and forth. She kept saying her butt and tummy hurts! I hate when my baby's in pain! This is the first time she has ever been constipated and it's not fun.. I must say. She was screaming and holding her stomach. I have had this pain before and I felt so bad for her. :( i had to give her a laxative. she finally got the strength to push it out and she started barfing! So gross I almost joined in. But after she was so fine! She took a bubble bath, ate 2 plums drank water and pear juice, and a digestive cracker. She's back to normal so far! Hope it does not come back! not fun!

Another mans shoes

I met a man walking, on a long dusty road;he seemed to be burdened, with life's heavy load.His hair was kind of shaggy, he'd been sleeping in his clothes;his shoes were old and weathered, not pretty, heaven knows.
I said, "hello Sir, how do you do";
he looked at me and said, "how'd do". I said, "Where are you going, on this hot sunny day"; he said, "I'm looking for heaven, and leave here I pray".
I said, "Come on now, don't be a fool";
he said, "This world is just too cruel".
I said, "Please explain your reasons to die; before you leave this world and say good-by".
Then he said, "I'll tell you and maybe you'll see; but promise me that you won't judge me".
Promise me that you won't condemn;
cause you just don't know, the condition I'm in. You won't know me, or understand my blues;
until you have walked awhile in my shoes. Until you have read every line in my face; until you have stood awhile in my place. You won't know me, until you have carried my load; and struggled along this old dusty road.
Until you have felt, my pain and rejection; and felt my sorrow, and felt my affliction. He said, "I was born into dire poverty; as rough a life, as ever can be". My dad ran away, and my mother was cruel; and everyone else, called me the fool. I wandered the streets, when I was only nine;
getting into trouble and wasting my time. I've been in many jails, throughout the years;
had a lot of heartache, shed a lot of tears. I've felt cold eyes, staring at me;
by upper class people, and high society. I've met people who won't, give me the time of day; who went into a big fine church, and kneeled down to pray.
I've been cheated out of money, by everyone I've known;
I've been hated and despised, down to the bone.I've felt hatred as cold, as an ice house floor; from total strangers, that never met me before. My whole life has been, filled with pain; sometimes I wonder, if I'm insane.
But if I am, out of my mind; why am I hated, most of the time. Don't people have compassion on the mentally ill;
or be concerned, as to how do they feel. Don't misunderstand me, I've done wrong too; I'm not perfect, but neither are you. People have tricked me, and slandered my name;
and talked behind my back, then smiled just the same. I'm weary and tired, of life's heavy load; not too many more days, will I walk this old road.
By my outward appearance, I know I'm not much; But how can you judge me, by clothes and the such? If anyone loved me, or cared at all; they'd give me some help, this burden to haul.
Only God Loves me, this I believe;
from this whole world, nothing I receive. If I were rich, and had plenty of money; everyone would adore me, and call me honey. But I am quite poor, from my presence they flee;
I've heard their cruel whispers, and slanders of me. He now had stopped speaking, and he looked at my face;
I saw a tear on his cheek, leaving it's trace.I was speechless and astounded, I spoke not a word; he slowly turned, and walked down that old road.
I stood there just thinking, of the man I had met; and suddenly I loved him, my eyes were then wet.Another human being, I'll never judge nor condemn;
cause he may have walked, where I've never been. How can I judge or condemn any man?; until in his shoes, I walk and I stand.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012