Sunday, December 13, 2009

All in a few hours work... Seriously!

3 hours to paint and we are finished! Pretty impressive considering we started all this a few hours ago! It looks much more relaxing and nice in real life, pictures dont do it justice! :)

Extream room makeover! By Jessica and Ricky!

We are redoing the spare room. Its fun even though we kinda did things backwards... yesterday we went to Ikea bought all new decor, a new bead spread and candles and a plant and a carpet, we made it look so nice and today we took everything out and painted haha whateve! It gonna look so good when we are done! Stay tuned for the final results!

Its christmas time at out house! :)

Yay yay yay! I love it!!!!

If there is no sun I buy some! :P

Its really cool it lights up the whole room and I feel like real sun with out the tan part witch sucks! A least it will help me through the winter blues! :)