Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In door swim!

Well since it's winter and freezing cold we can't swim out doors, so we go in! Lol but no I have to say it was a blasty blast! Savannah loved it there was a water slide that was so much fun. Then after the water fun savannah and I and Mina and Vera ate some goddies Mina packed! Some really delish apple cake! I have to blame Mina for adding at least 10k of fat on me because she bakes so good!

Dress love

I want this when I get skinny again!


Me like




Monday, January 30, 2012

Daddy's hat!

A walk a meeting friends!

First we went a hung out at Tommy and Cicci's savannah had a blast, she loves new places! Then went over to Jojo and chilled till Ricky got off work! It was a nice day but freezing!

This little girl is so pretty.

Omg Gorgeous!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I've got mad love for you Hank moody!

What can I say I love this show and I love love love Hank moody! he's so stinking charming, love when guys are quick whited . He def has a way with words and the lady's. He's a total man whore but yet still so respectful of women. Love :)

Pink woos floors love


So true

Hair and a little hangover

Last night I took my braids out so I had crimpy hair. Today I'm laying around like a bum under my cozy USA blanket! Awww I really hate sundays cause tomorrow is Monday and I hate Monday's more but what can you do. Gotta keep busy this week.

Girls night!

Last night it was girls night! It was me Tess and Linda but it's was so fun! I love having time with the girls and taking a break from mommy time. But it was a really good night fun times at sports bar!

I love my home!

I got a new American flag blanket! I love it!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hair cut!

I gave my baby sweeping bangs today! Cute I think!