Thursday, May 31, 2012

California rolls it's what's for dinner

My specialty! Ricky will be happy when he gets home!

Rain rain rainy day!

I dont care!

I'm Shocked I actually did it! And If feels good! I let go off all the stupid stuff I cared about and I feel really good about it! If someone or people don't wanna make a effort to be in my life, then I don't care! You get, what you give! I feel free! :)

New shoes for the girl!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shopping with a toddler

Today I Got some new couch pillows for super cheap only 39 kr! I'm happy!
Its so hard going trough the store alone savannah, just kept saying walk walk walk and when I let her walk she grabbed everything she could get her hands on and said MINE! And when I told her to put it back she ran screaming NOOOOOO! Omg I didn't think I was gonna get that kid hahah! She is in the terrible twos right now and she is not even two yet!!! Oh but I love her! She is extremely smart and that's why she is so head strong! I'm glad she knows what she want's! :) oh ya and I was eating some lemons and she wanted to try it so I gave her a slice! She likes it lol!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I wanna say...

WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH YOU??? To a special person. Lol

oh but I won't not yet. I'll have to be highly intoxicated before that goes down! Hehe nighty night.

Savannah's new bed

Today I was down visiting joni and Veronica and Rebecca! And they were getting their girls a new bed so they offered to give us this one! Very nice of them! I have wanted a new bed in there for ages! Happy my dad will have a nice place to sleep when he come at the end if this month! :) thanks again to them!

Choose happiness!

I have a lot in my life to be thankful for and I have for too long let outside situations dictate my mood an feelings. I'm just gonna try to be happy being alone a lot until i move back to California. The husband work till 12 every night so I'm a lonely loner lol! but thats nothing new! Thank god for jojo she keeps me company alot of times! I can't always expect people to wanna hang out with me. I mean I'm not like super needy, its mostly just the weekends I wanna be with people cause u get some free time. But anyways! I'm not gonna care anymore. I'm gonna choose to be happy regardless of everything else! Good day mate!

weekend song! dance till the sun comes up!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day one.

I had a zero carb day! The tacos ate with corn tortillas and I also worked out I'm proud of my self actually! I just gotta keep it up! Would be so much easer with a work out buddy but I don't have one, so I just have to deal.


The partys in my head.


I do too?


Is the most beautiful!

cool kidzz lol

Ignorance is bliss

At least when it comes to knowing what other people think about you. I really kinda don't wanna know the bad things people say about me. It would only hurt me and make me sad. I does not matter how nice I am I keep getting f-ed over.
And the thing is, if I find out you have talked shit on me then you better run, because I will confront you on it. I wont pretend like it didn't happen. Problems don't get fixed by pretending they aren't there. And also I'm not stupid, I can usually tell when someone is lying to me. And Like I have said 100 times, if you don't like me and you don't wanna be my friend! Just tell me and you will never see me again simple as that. With all that said, I wanna be happy, I wanna be around happy people as I'm sure everyone does! I sorry I have been downer lately, I have had a tough year lots of changes and realizations. but I'm ready to move forward and be happy. I don't want negativity in my life anymore.

Mondays suck.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

hahaha soooooo my song!

I feel like a kid! lol But I'm freaken not a kid!


Happy mother day Sweden!

We went out for a nice little walk and got some ice cream! Weeee

Get me out of here...


I can't wait anymore! my life has changed so much on the last few months. Nothing is the same anymore. I feel like a loner or the loser kid that no body wants to play with. I just wish everything was like before. but its not so I'm just gonna GO! Time to move on!

ya hardly