Thursday, June 30, 2011


Tomorrow morning you shall get a pancake breakfast feast! hehe Love u bday girl!

At 12:08am My heart turned ONE!

There not much I can say with out crying and I really don't wanna cry and look all puff tomorrow! So Ill make it short. Last year today I was in the worst pain I have ever been in, but when it ended I got the greatest gift in the world... My amazing, smart, loving, sweet, beautiful little girl. I cant imagine one second one this earth with out you, and I cant wait to see you grow and become the wonderful person I know you will become! I love you and you have my whole heart! kisses sweet Seatie!

Beautiful Summer babys!

Savannah and Vera Playing in the pool! It was a nice little night dip, they loved it! cant wait to do it again in the sunshine! :)

I have been a bad girl. ;)

Shopped Victoria's secret and its not secret anymore! I love my angel card!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Im gonna do it...

if you want something to change, then change it.

Happy hour!

last night we went up to rickys Mom and had some pina coladas they were delish! a little tropical night it was nice! I must say I got a little tipsy from that stuff had a bad head ache when I got home but it was still fun!

BVC 1 year check up!

Today we went to the bvc for Savannah 1 year check up! She is growing perfectly! Im glad it was just to meet Anna today I feel better with her she is really nice! she said savannah is perfect. I'm still not vaccinating her, They ask me if I want to most visits but I hold firm to what I feel is right for my child. I'm glad they respect our diction here in Sweden its nice. Its seem like maybe they see something because every time we are there they say she is so healthy, never sick, never had ear ache, no problems! I strongly believe that lots of problems people try to prevent with vaccinating actually ends up making it worse. All the toxic chemicals and sickness being pumped into babies through vax is not good in my opinion. fallow the money trail. Anyway done with the rant! lol I have many more reasons for not vax her and I have done my research believe me. Later she might have a few of them. But for now my child is a healthy perfect little person and I wanna keep it that way!

Oh no she can reach the stove! lol Thank god Electrolux makes stoves with locks!

summer in svartvicken!

Yes today its hot like California hot! jojo and jockey got savannah a pool for her bday at my request! she loves it super duper much and so do I! we finally hooked the hose up to the shower in the bathroom so that made it easy to fill up! been swimming most of the day! I love it! Love this weather!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Say YES!

Even though sometime all we see is NO NO NO...


who in their right mind would get this tat? So nasty and can we say no JOB. No normal establishment would let some one with this on them work with people! I love tattoos but I hate spiders. eeeeeewwww shiversssss!

Monday, June 27, 2011

pick me up!



I'm having that moment right now!

not everyday is a good day. Deal with it.

ya some days are plain out shity and sometimes I'm really sad and alone, I just need someones shoulder to cry on, but lately I feel like I have no one. So I sat in my car alone and cried, then called my Mom, Im so lucky to have a mommy that just listens. Not everything you see on the outside is whats really going on in someones life, sometimes people do show everything but what they just need is for you to tell them everything is gonna be OK. Maybe I just need to tell myself. I know my rain cloud will pass and Ill be ok.


meow! :)

If I was a dude!

They would be my type! :)

Game of Thrones

already addicted lol! I stayed up and watch the first 3 episodes last night I would have watched them all if I had them downloaded! Mina and Sebastian told me about it, I was intrigued NOW IM HOOKED!! its soooo good! But I have never seen more boobies on tv series hahaha! but it is HBO lol

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Minapoo (Ricky's sister) came over today and I did highlights in her hair and a hair cut! It looks soooooooooo good! I should have took a before pic but I forgot to as I always do. Its always rewarding when you see a good result after doing hair! Now we are just taking it easy letting the baby's play! :)