Thursday, December 6, 2012

I miss summer already!

I NEED....

I'm serious, I need this and I might die it I don't get it . It's not a joke

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I love this girl

You own my heart baby girl

Stop the tears

Tonight right before bed I saw a post on Facebook about Someone I don't know and have met. The post was about their 10 year old daughter that had just passed away from cancer. There are happy that their child is no longer suffering and that she is with Jesus. But so sad to loose there little girl, all the have left are memories. wow my heart just broke for them, loosing a child and seeing them in pain, :'( I can't even Handel the thought. Savannah has a little scratch on her finger and just knowing that's its hurting her is killing me. To think of what that little girl and her parents went through is so unbelievable and I can't hold back my tears. My heart goes out to everyone that has lost a child, because only now as a mother can I understand. I hope I never see the day that I would have to burry one of my children, I don't think I would make it. It also reminds me that there is more to life the stupid small stuff, and people are going through terrible hard times. We should all be so thankful for healthy happy children, noting is forever make every moment count.