Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Pretty girls With a little meat on their bones! healthy and beautiful!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss him...

Out of everyone famous that has passed away in the past few years I miss this face the most. Wonderful Person, Actor, Friend, Dad. :( R.I.P Heath Ledger

I would love...

To hand this card out to a few people!

Winter can come now...

I wanna wear my boots and jacket! I'm ready for winter clothes. Summers pretty much over anyway.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rihanna - Cheers (Drink To That) [Official Version]

NEW SONG!!! Like the words!

WTF these are not Froot loops. :(

Can someone please tell me how these Swedish SO called "froot loops" can even call them selfs froot loops? They look like the got flushed down the toilet the bagged up again and they taste like it to. I got jiped. Trash. I was so happy when I found froot loops and then I opened them up and wam not what I expected. They look like Excuses my french SHIT! LOL All fussy over some sugar cereal that my fat ass should not even eat anyway lol!

Cozy sunday eve!

Aww Spa night! I love face masks feels so fresh after! Its been a good Sunday, woke up went to city gross to shop and lunch with Jojo and Joakim. Then came home made dinner for the hubby now a little spa time! Then Thor the movie! Nice indded!

Cant wait for true blood...

I love it!

No carb dinner!

I made Ricky of of hes favorite dinners tonight! Im glad he liked it! it was a little thank you dinner for letting me go out and have a little free time last night! I love u hubby! xoxo

Last night!

Party at Tess and freddy then out to sports bar!!! Fun night we played 90's music all night at the house it was fun to here the oldies haha! Then it was out with our selfs! It was a really good night I must say! And I feel good today so that makes it even better, Always fun to be with fun friends! I just noticed I only have pictures of me and jockey haha :p Jojo Tess Freddy ante and Eva were their too! I just have not picture prof :) xoxo

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I wanna sit in this, eating this, looking at that! OH HECK YES!


Savannah's fort!

Savannah was bored as you can see so i decided to build her a fort! We had fun playing in it!

My Favorite girls in the world!

I love these girls they are my fave!!!!! And Vera is My BFF! she seems to love me God knows why? lol but she is my little shadow And I love it she is a sweetheart! Love love love!

Last saturday! TACO NIGHT!!!

Delish and fun night with Tess and Freddy! WEEEE

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dress up! Photoshoot!

Water baby photo shoot!

I have been getting back into taking pictures I'm not that great but I love to do it! I don't have anyone to take pix of but Savannah. So shes my little model!


I want this body! K thanks!

Whats funny to me...

Went people say i love your shirt when its butt ugly.

People that are obsessed with there animals like its a human.

when people say newborns are Beautiful/cute, haha Ya right! only to the parents and close family. Sorry but they almost all look like wrinkly smashed old mini people. Im mean they are cute but In a raisin kind of way. I'm talking about savannah too. ;)

Not really funny but when the bullied people bully others. Umm Hypocritical much.

When people say they think someone is pretty when they have been told the look like them. Well of course you think they are pretty. your so vain!

When People say they don't believe in God, But then talk about him more than Christians.

When people say they wanna have fun, but do absolutely nothing about it.

Being a grown up is over rated and boring. I hope I never loose my inner child.

Don't be offended I may not even be talking about you!!! ;)