Monday, December 19, 2011

Kick his ass then Cook!

Some people are real r-tards. I cant take it. First thing on the list people posting pics of abused animals on facebook like dogs with their faces all bloody Im sorry but I DONT WANNA SEE THAT its so disturbing and its ruins my day I can Un see this stuff. I realize that there are sick people in the world that hurt animals and frankly I think they should be put to sleep, but I really don't wanna See it. It makes me sick.

Next people that say their kid or other peoples kids are the cutest kid in the world, Sorry No they aren't the cutest child on the planet! Im pretty sure there is a cuter kid out there. I mean of course maybe it is to you... but then say that! bla bla bla kid is the cutest kid in the world to me! CAUSE NOT EVERYONE AGREES! or say whatever you want but it gets retarded when I see like 12 post that their kid is the worlds finest. Oj!

AND here comes the big one Girls that don't wanna tell there men what to do, Because Of not Im not that kind of girl I don't boos him around, hahahaha Please Men Need to bossed around a LITTLE, and hers a secret deep down they like it. Im not saying be a nagging bitch and make your man a whipped girl... Im saying have a voice!!!! If hes wearing as stupid outfit say hell no your not wearing that out hahah! If he has not been to the doc in a few years and says I'm fine, kick his ass out the door to the doc. If hes being a bum and doesn't wanna leave the house say hey we are going out so get the h up!
Or go ahead and try to be the dream girl that lets him do whatever he wants and be his bff. Sure it will be fine for a little while but He will get sick of that. TRUST! Men like a little fistyness in there women some fire, they need it to keep the passion burning. but don't listen to me if you wanna be roommate with you hubby or bf. Cause soon that's all you will be. :)
Now I have told you so!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I die! Take me away!

love love love!


I have a sore throat and I have been drinking tea like a fish if a fish were to drink tea! haha! Savannah was sick with snot everywhere and crying just feeling really bad, and get this FOR ONE DAY!!!!!! I have never heard of someone being sick with a cold for one day! She is so healthy Im so happy, I don't care if I'm sick I hate when my baby is sick. She rarely gets sick and if she does her body kicks its ass! Maybe its because her body is not contaminated with a bunch of vaccines that makes your immune system week? I don't know. But she woke up completely better! We did give her 2 steam showers and a bunch of oranges, I made spaghetti with lots of garlic and onion and that's proven to help fight colds. Had her drink lots of water and chamomile tea then put her to bed with some baby vicks on her chest and under her nose. also had her sleep on a elevated pillow. And it kicked it! Colds are hit and miss sometimes you can fight them sometimes you cant! Im just Happy shes better!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Gold glitter nails! ooh lala!

For real...

I really do, Like seriously! I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to my over thinking things. I take pride in having my head screwed on straight. So I know who I am and I know my weaknesses. I know when I'm annoying or over reacting. I know can can be a drama queen and I know I'm honest. I get scared that sometime I wont see myself for who I am, because I see other people acting like retards and they don't even see it, when everyone else does. I just don't wanna get there. I wanna be aware of myself always. so I over think. I hope someday soon ill be at a place where I don't care. If people like me and want to be around me they will be, and if they don't they wont. The end! :)

I will have this!

Somehow, some way, this will be in my home sometime! I love it so much!



Wish I could pull this style off!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

i love

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

More of my christmas baby!

Christmas came early for me today!

My sweet hubby got a 450kr gift card from his work and was nice enough to give it to me to buy something nice! I have been wanting a new dress for new years or Christmas and Now i have something nice! the Shoes I have been wanting for a really long time and not i have got them I Love them soooo much! I'm so thankful to him for giving it to me! Happy!


Monday, December 12, 2011


I want this to watch movies in! The sweet life!

mexicaly I can cook!

Tonight I made homemade guacamole 2 salsas and garlic lime steak burritos! they were delish I'm not gonna lie!

My fave scarf!

Going to ikea the hubby stayed home today thank Jesus I have been needing a break and this weather has been killing me. Just getting dressed to go out Helped so much!