Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 and a half peeps BBQ!

Jockey and Jojo and I and the one in the stomach had a little bbq on Friday! It was really nice we just chilled outside and ate are yummy din din, and had nice conversations! Poor jockey was surrounded but girls haha but i think he managed alright! It was fun and relaxing and nice to get out of my house for once!

Im now 36 weeks!! So only 25 days left to go!!!

I cant wait for he to be out now, I wouldn't mind if she can right now the waiting is making me crazy. I go pee every 30 min a night so i really don't sleep well at all turning over is like a mission at this point and I'm not even that big. I'm still considering myself lucky that I don't have some of the really terrible pregnancy symptoms, but Its still really not the most comfy time in my life I must say. I'm really bummed about the stretch marks I have now got. They are ugly and I know they will never go away, so good bye chance of ever having a nice looking stomach ever again. But I got a baby right? some day's that makes me feel better and other days it makes me really sad and I could care less that I'm gonna have a baby. I think it will all be good in the end. Hope so!

Cutest shoes ever!

Love these shoes Gary and Vanessa sent I cant stop looking at them! I like shiny things haha! I have other stuff i love and wanna take pics of but I need to take it easy and wait till its actually on her... like the tutu my mom made sooooooooooo cute! aww hahah

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BABY Blankets! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today i got the mother load box of baby clothes, and My clothes, and the blankets My mom made for Savannah! They are soooooooooo nice she is the best mommy! I love love love them! Thanks to My MOM, GnV Poo, Grandma and Grandpa, Grandpa Jim, Dad and Amy for all the nice stuff!!! I'm vary blessed!

Friday, May 14, 2010


LOST... How can this be the last season? I cant see how they can wrap in all up in a few more episodes.

The Vampire Diaries... OMG I LOVE IT TO DEATH! When Elena kisses Damon I was like oh hells yes! but On hells NO! And then its was Kathrine anyway and OMG about that... cant wait to see what happens next!

GOSSIP GIRL... What to say I cant stand S right now she is a winy little girl with daddy issues and she is just annoying. Also cant stand jenny. Still love chuck and Blair and I hope she meets him on the top of the Empire state building!

THE HILLS... All I have to say is Heidi & Spencer have lost their marbles! Spencer is completely insane and Heidi is a mess. I feel sad for her but she has brought this all on herself and shes nuts just for staying with Spencer. She has already lost most of her friends and now family doesn't even want to be around her, you would think she would see that something seriously messed up.

I know I know I watch to much tv haha But soon I will have a baby to watch so I'm getting my fix!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fix of Sun!

Yesterday was a nice day! Jojo came with me to my doc appointment. I had to get measured cause they thought the baby was not growing, but good news she is growing she might be little but she is growing hehe! After that we went to the store and got a pre cooked chicken with some potato salad, and lemon ice tea, and fresh strawberry's. We had our self's a little lunch out on the balcony! It was so nice! We got some color on are skin and had great conversation! That is a good day in my book!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The clouds were so pretty!

They make me Happy!!!

Photo shoot with baby Vera!


So on Saturday some of the girls had a baby shower for me! It was so fun to see everyone again. I have not seen some of them in over a year! It was really nice of them to think of me! They all pitched in and bought us the nicest car seat! Its a really top of the line car seat. I know it was not cheap so We are so thankful for it! Spacial thinks to Jojo and Jockey for going to buy it and everything!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day old chicken you are not my friend.

I think I just had a lovely spell of food poisoning, I have never had some much pain my my stomach in my life. I puked all over the bathroom ya not pretty at all. I still feel bad so gonna lay down. ewwwwwww no fun.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Mama drama! :)

Just kidding no drama! But Things are going sooooooo slow right now. We have about a month in a half... so left 7 weeks or something I don't even know. Anyway it feel like forever mom says to enjoy it but I'm just ready to do this NOW. I haven't got much stuff yet, I mean we have a crib and a few little things but I'm feel like I haven't got everything we are gonna need. I don't have a car seat, no stroller yet but that will come when Ricky gets his tax money back so that's cool! If she comes early we don't have anything to bring her home in, car seat wise hahah Oh well lap rider she will be jk!
Thanks to GnV... they will be sending the clothes I ordered back home! so Ill have the clothes all set! Smiles all around for that. My Mom is still making me the coolest blankets ever and ill have to wait a little longer for those! Worth it!

Update on how Im feeling... Pretty good, More tired when I need to stand or get ready to go somewhere, just putting on make up feels like a work out. Still having pain in the pubic bone, eww I hate the word pubic bluckkkkkkie. Ya but it is not as bad as in the beginning, that was unbearable. I can at least walk most days, still with pain but doable if I have to. Sleeping is becoming more of a challenge. I counted, I went pee 9 time last night. That's 9 times up and out of bed awake and that's when I went easy on the water before bed. Other than that I have been pretty good. Being pregnant for me has been like going to Disneyland on the 5 freeway in rush hour traffic, Its not fun waiting in the traffic there's a few annoying bumps along the way, sitting next to the sweaty dude on the tram is uncomfortable, but Once you get through the gates and see the Mickey face in the flowers, you know you made it! And it was all worth it! Now let jump on the rides wooooooooooooo!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Toddlers and Tiaras???

Is just a bunch of fat Moms living vicariously through there kids. Its kinda sick. Some of the kids really like it and that's fine, but some kids Hate it and the stupid Moms force them to do it. Sad... get your only life, go on a diet and let the little girls be little girls.

French Toast Funny!!!!!!

So this morning I made french toast for breakfast. I made up a plate for Ricky and put butter and a pool of yummy syrup! You know the works!!! :) I went back into the kitchen to finish cooking mine and 2 min later I turn around, and find Ricky holding his plate in one hand and clicking on the computer with the other... I start to notice something wet looking dripping all down his arm, leg, down the side of the couch and all over his lap hahahahah He was dumping the plate all over himself... so I yelled WHAT THE HECK ARE U DOING! HAHAHA He looks down and he had no clue he was pouring it all over him self. I was kinda mad that the couch had syrup on it but then I just started laughing my ass off cause its like I already have a baby, Then he was laughing too! awww good times! I love that boy!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am a germaphobe right now. I'm trying not to be annoying but I'm always thinking about freaken germs. The biggest reason it that I'm already not sleeping good with the having to pee every half hour, I really don't need a cold or cough to be keeping me up all night. It hurts my stomach muscles just to blow my nose in the morning, I really DONT WANNA GET SICK!!! I think its good to be a hand washer and I already do that but its getting to my brain, I mean I'm thinking about everything like... Sure wash your hand but if you touch the door handle that you touched to open or the sink nob to turn on had germs then u much wash again. Other people don't think of all the little things, people spread germs with out even thinking about it. My neighbor was over with his 9 month old baby and she was a little sick... and you know baby germs are like the plague they almost always you you sick once you have been in contact. I felt like such a bad person telling him NO I don't wanna hold him, I even told Ricky not to touch him but I'm sorry I really really don't wanna be sick. Sorry if that's annoying to people but its my life and body I'm trying to protect form becoming even more uncomfortable than I already am. So yes I sanitized my house with bleach haha and the tv remotes are germ free. Virus can only live for about 3 hours on services. Call me crazy but I have only been sick once since last July, so Im fine with it!