Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dinner for two and a Half!

So last night I made one of my creations. I made this meal up when I was younger! Its prob been done before but I usually fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to cooking! :)

Its a lemon peppered leaf steak burrito with home made Salsa and Guacamole! Yummy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Just funny!

That was the beginning!I'm 6 months prego now and went to the doc today everything is A-Ok! Almost perfect I have perfect blood pressure and blood sugar and all that crap. We got to hear Her heart beating and the doc said it sounded perfect. It was hard to heard cause she was kicking when we were trying to listen hahaha and it was like pfff pfff pfff hahah I was cracking up! Only one thing... I have to start taking some pills for thyroid its a low dose, I do NOT have a thyroid problem but the would like you to be producing hormones at 2.00 and I was at 2.51 But normally you can be up to 4.00. So they said it might make the baby feel better if I take the replacement and I cant quit it when she is born. But if it helps me to loose wait then I might stay on them even after we will see! But I don't have a problem she said its a new thing and If this was a year ago I would not be taking this pills at all. :) So ya thats the news!

I want my family :( Being a cry baby right now.

So a few days ago I got the sad news that my Sister Melissa was not able to make/save enough money to come to Sweden to be with me when I have the baby. :( I was really sad to hear this cause I was looking forward to having he with me. I am really a family person and being so far away from everyone is so hard. This is such a huge thing that is happening in my life and I wont even have my Mom with me. I never dreamed that the day I have my first baby I wouldn't have my Mommy by my side. I was so grateful to know I would at least have my sister. Now that she cant come Im really heart broken. :( I know Ill make it and I have a wonderful husband and I'm lucky for that but its so hard to live in Sweden right now. I really want to move back to California and be with the people I love and love me. I'm not complaining but its taking so much out of me to miss them all the time.

Treat myself!

So its another Friday night and I'm home alone. Such a differents from my former life. I would be out with friends or throwing a party right now if I wasn't prego. I feel like I lost a bit of my life right now, but then again I'm getting a really good prize in return. Its only 9 months out of my life so I think ill survive! In June I can go back to being me again! I will of course have a new responsibility but I will still be able to have people over and chill in the summer sun! I think I have been feeling even more down because its winter, and not only me but lots of people in Sweden have been feeling this way, so its going to get better soon!

So tonight Jojo,jockey, Tommi and Yannica went to see wolfman at the theater and then they will go out for drinks after. I was invited but I wasn't really interested in Wolfman and I cant drink so I stayed home. :( Ricky is working till 10 tonight so I just decided to have myself a yummy dinner! So I made California chicken burger and Oh was its good! Catchin up on some project runway and soon some ice cream with chocolate syrup! But eating alone and cooking for yourself is never as satisfying as being with people. Frick I cant wait till june. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Cats like snow!

Sooooo we brought some in so they could play with it! For the most part all they did was eat and lick it but they were vary intrigued!!! I personally have had enough of the snow, but they cats needed to have some fun! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Trend: Ruffled Skirts Freak ya!!!!

Since Ill be all fat in the tum tum this will be fun and a good cover hehe!

Chanel Temporary Tattoos

I really want them but $75 for 50 umm a little expensive for me. But oh so cute and fun!

Me as a baby!

Graco Sweet Peace swing!

We have this!!!

Freaken cute baby!

Blah Blah blah...
This is a sweet swing!!!

Read this if you wanna know the features.

World's Only Newborn Soothing Center Patented motion with 4 seating positions that create 4 distinct sensations Recreates a mother's motion Addresses the multisensory needs of newborns Developed with significant scientific research on soothing Sweetpeace soothes through the senses: Motion: moves like you do 4 unique seating positions that imitate how you hold your baby 4 cradling motions create 4 distinct sensations 3 recline positions offer comfortable choices for a growing baby 6 speeds allow you to choose the right amount of movement for your baby's mood Removable carrier doubles as a floor rocker Motion: Touch: comforts of the womb 2-speed vibration calms and relaxes with a subtle baby "massage" Integrated swaddling blanket gives your baby the safe, secure feeling of being held 5-point harness provides gentle ventral pressure that reassures your baby like a hug Sound: What a newborn expects to hear Comforting low-frequency sounds recreate the in utero sound experience High-quality music offers sleepy songs for quiet times or up-beat songs for alert times MP3 plug-in connection and holder for creating a customized baby playlist Nature sounds including wind, rain, ocean waves and more Sight: Newborns need visual simplicity Adjustable canopy to control light and limit visual stimulation Mirror to help baby settle by focusing on her own reflection Calming neutral colors contribute to the soothing environment Scent: Your scent calms your baby Removable soft components (swaddle blanket and head support) can be infused with mom's scent, nature's "aromatherapy," to calm a baby with this familiar scent Additional thoughtful features


I may be going a little crazy. Im obsessed with stuff that smells good. Everything must smell good and look good but if you smell good you feel good and often look good. haha Anyway my baby for one has to smell good. I have bought 2 shampoos and 3 body washes already that's Johnsons and Johnsons and I just sniff them cause they are so yummy that's how a baby should smell. No sour milk and poo for me thanks hahah! So ya I FINALLY found some huggies baby wipes and the smell delightful! Your probably wondering why I care so much about the baby wipes? but the ones they have here in sweden... the Swedish brands smell like crap!!! Im not kidding the are so nast. I know I was a nanny and the smelt so bad I hated them. So again call me spoiled but Ill be loving my huggies aloe and E wipes that smell like cucumber melon all day long! nuff said! OUT!

When will the snow stop??

Cute baby clothes! I love presents!

Thanks Joanna and Yannica for the really cute clothes!!! I love em!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I miss summer with my girlys!

I cant wait till this bitter cold winter is over and Im back in the sun! Summer 2010 is gonna be rockin! Cant wait! Ill have a baby but Im still gonna play! :)

Avatar Cat hahaha

photo shot myself! :)