Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cheryl - I Don't Care (Explicit) best best!!!!!


I don't wanna do it! Lol

I'm a lion!

The last couple of days have been crazy. I'm still waiting on lab results but I just want to say we should all be thankful when we are in good Heath. Life is short and so many people are not healthy, I'm thankful everyday for my children's and husbands Health and mine. Let's just say I have woken up to the fact that you can't just live like nothing will ever happin to you. And I may be perfectly fine maybe my labs come back all neg. but I'm still going to change my life for the better because I want to be around to see my kid get married and have kids of their own. I'm on it world! Praying for all good news! 


Monday, October 27, 2014

Dream room!

Sunday morning with my angel!

Pumpkin painting!!!

So today the plan was to dress up and go to our friends pumpkin carving party! But I have not been feeling well because of uti so I Started antibiotics today. :/ so we stayed home and took it easy. I had been telling savannah all week she was gonna get to dress up and it was gonna be so much fun but then things changed. So we wanted to make sure she still had fun. So we had a little pumpkin painting party at home just us! I have to say my kids are never happier than when I give them time and positive attention. Skyler was so excited she couldn't even contain herself! Art make all of us calm and happy savannah thanks me and tells me I'm the best mommy. She just so happy in her little heart it makes me happy. I know I need to spend more time doing stuff like this with her!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cal-optma and having a UTI

Sucks! Both of them. I don't shame people that need to be on cal-optma but I can not wait till the day I don't have to be. I miss the Swedish health care right now. So I have to pee every 30 min and that's starts to freak me out so I get anxity attacks because we all know I have hypochondria. So I start thinking I have diabeties. I call all th health care providers I can and no one will take me finally I get a hold if one, he answers the phone... Wong, me what? Wong! I say yes umm I need to make a apointment. He said when, I say soon he's says ok Monday 2:00 I say ok he hangs up. Wow so perfesional, but what can I expect form the bottom if the barrel health care. Ya thanks Obama this is awesome. So i have my sister take me to the hoag ER last night l walk in see the Ebola protocol and I'm officially freaked out and I leave. I decided to go to cvs a drugstore and just pick up the
I go home take the test! Shows I have a uti so I take the other 2 test and all are positive. So all night I'm pounding cranberry juice I take vitimin c and magnesium and I soak in a Epsom salt bath. Go to sleep! I still need to pee every . But I'm going to the doc Monday. 
So I feeling really bad and it's Saturday I need to see someone before Monday. So I call the 2 regent cares in my area... Guess what they are closed on the weekends OF COURSE!  So I go to a regular ER care and they tell me it's gonna be 175 for a uti test. I just did it because last time I ignored it I was in the hospital for 4 days. So they do the test... And  it's clear no infection. What?? So now that's 175 down the drain. :(  I'm confused, they said maybe it's just the early stages and not showing up yet. So i get a perception for antibiotics but he tells me that might not work cause they don't know what bacteria it is. I'm so tired at this point. I just wanna feel better. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My heart!! Skyler Sienna Rose

She got the cute little fix outfit from her god mama Jojo!!! We have been waiting till is cool enough to put it on because it been so dang hot in California. Finanlly last night she got to romp around in it! Love it thank you Jojo!!!