Sunday, April 29, 2012

No more.

Sunday movie night!

Almost peed my paints when we watch the women in black tonight. Super creepy! But it's was a cozy Sunday, I made some guac and cheese dip and we cuddled up for a movie!

Oooh awww

To Jojo!


Partner in crime and fun!

I FREAKEN MISS YOUR GUTS! love u! I know in acting like you died hahahahah it's redic! See you tomorrow!

Happy birthday sarah!!!

It was Sarah's birthday yesterday do we were celebrating her! I bake her some cupcakes! So proud of them! Ricky was in the city with work buddy's for dinner and drinks, so he came home at 8 and put little Girl to bed so I could go to Sarah's bday! Then he watched a hockey game!

Best time with me bestie!

Jojo was with us yesterday and it's always a good time! Savannah loves her Jojo cuddles!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Probably my last heart on sleeve post.

If you think bad about me or you don't like me. Seriously Get out of my life. I have been going through enough, I don't need anymore. The people that's stand by me always have and always will. I'm not gonna say sorry when I didn't do anything wrong. I'm stick and tired if people trying to find a reason to put the blame on me. No!! It's your fault all yours and I'm not even gonna try to fix this. I shouldn't have too... and the people that think I should, can leave me alone. I don't wanna hurt anymore. I have always said sorry even when im not wrong and I'm DONE! Im at a point in my life where I am not gonna take bullshit anymore. So go ahead and form your fucked up opinions on me and talk all the shit you want! I'm done.

I have always said I'm and open book, but at this point the book is closed. My post will now longer leave me venerable for people to attack me. The people that really care about me are the people that will know what's going on in my life.

P.s. I know some of you are gonna read this and go around spreading your gossip! Have at it, have fun hope it makes your day. Pretty sad your life is that boring.

So super cute!

Today Jojo dropped by and gave savannah a super cute summer outfit! I have the best BFF ever! I know whenever Jojo is buying something its gonna be so cute! Can't wait till its warm enough for her to wear it out!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer feelings

Ya really!

Love her hair!

Well that's not good!


Been fixing

I'm so tired I could puke! I went to ikea picked up a few things and came home built them all, cleaned the house and took care or the little girly! I'm wiped out! Oh and lucky me savannah woke up at 12and is still wide awake right now it's 1:47am WHYYY MEEE! Haha well Lets hope for sleep soon!!!

One of the pix is where I got my inspiration from! But I'm on a tighter budget so I couldn't do it exactly the same, but it's gonna look similar when Its done! :)

Redecorating bathroom!

Are friends have taken down their dryer And we loved how it looked so we copied! Funny when you have never thought of something and they you see how someone else has it and you think.. Why didn't I think of that! Haha light bulb! So yesterday I was on a bathroom cleaning spree, and i took all the dust allergy like a lady boss! :)

So plain, so expencive, so dumb...

I don't understand people that will buy a plain white shirt for like 600kr say when they can get 7 plain white shirts at H&M for that price! Another thing is people that buy boring lame shoes for sooooo much money. I seriously don't get it! I Would never even if I were RICH! I get it if its looks really good and a really nice design, but The boring plain stuff no no, spending that much on it, is insane. The store American apparel pisses me off the most seriously 50 bucks for a pair of leggings redic!!!!! its all basics they should almost be free! I think everyone needs basics in there wardrobe but I will never spend loads of money no it. Its under shirts for goodness sake! ok rant over

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poor Husby bike crash!

Yesterday Ricky was gonna ride up to the store and as he turned up the hill the Handel bars twisted and the chain game off. He took a hard spill into the gravel road ripped up his hands pretty bad. He landed on the chest so has some muscle pain. He had to walk the bake back and it's still broken. Sad don't know if he wants to ride that again, what if this had happin on his way to work. :(

Saturday bbq

Best time is so long! I'm so happy to have meet these people! They are so much fun and so real! Really good people! We BBQed last night food was delicious! The girls ran around and played and after all the baby's were asleep we have a fun game of spin the bottle truth or dare!
As you can see korp is smoking a cig with out ashing at all! My given dare! It was so much fun to hang out with people that are fun and don't take themselves so seriously! Ricky had the best time in a long time! But I promise he's feeling it today! Also Yesterday was a tough day for Veronica and Joni. I'm vary grateful that they choose to spend it with us! I know their little angel is up in heaven right now shining down on them. Hugs!