Friday, August 31, 2012

I want Starbucks



Style love!

Sad to say it.

My Friday!

Well today was boring as boring can be! I was gonna have Sandra and Jojo over for coffee and a good girl talk sesh but It poored down rain all day long! No wants to go out in that
Mess especially not a new born baby. So I cleaned the whole house, mopped, washed all the bed sheets even scrubbed the wall! Although I did all that, it only took me a hour :/ so There was a lot of day was left. Savannah and I cooked dinner together she loves to sit up on the counter and help! The we played In her room babies... one with only a head! Lol the it was shower time! I thought surely she would be ready to sleep after that! But nope so it more play time. Now I'm laying down with her trying to get her to sleep... unsuccessful. I just wanna have some quiet time it's Friday after all. And dexter is waiting! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chill day!

Savannah and I went over Jojo! Nice coffee and cinnamon buns, and then We made chicken nachos! It's so nice to hold the little baby, he smells so good like baby! I got home and my shoulder still smelled like him where he laid his cute little head! Savannah had a good day too, it's alway fun to be with them.

Good hair day nana!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

spell it out...

I miss the fun times! People that were happy and didn't judge you! I want this to be about the thinks I love in a person! I like fun, spontainious people that don't have judgmental attitudes, people that dont expect you do things for them, generous, kind, even a bit emotional. I happen to get along better with emotional people because I understand them. I don't get cold people that hold their feelings in. Their is a weird dead look in their eyes. Sometimes people fight... get over it!!! It happins, But Its what happins after that makes a different. People need to say they are sorry and fix the issue. People that just want to pretend like they did nothing wrong and like the problem will disappear are cowards. That is not someone I want to be around. One this is for sure I hope I am all these things I have said and If im not I hope to be one day. Nobody's perfect but we can always hope tp be better.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Weird.. What's is to me.

When people that don't know each other at all... and have never met and act like they are life long friends on Facebook!!! Stupid strange. #annoying

Cute little Jj is here!!!!

Love him already! Jojo and joakims new baby! Soon to be named!

Little lake!

It Rained all day but we were troopers!

Rachel and Evan were here!

This week has been a busy one! My friend from California was here visiting with her 4 year old son! My bestie had her baby boy and we have been a mad house! I had been feeling bad for the first half of the week just under the weather but i feeling better now! Today I'm just wiped out! Savannah had so much fun this week so I'm happy for that! But they went back to Cali this morning so it's back to life as usual !

photo loves of the day!