Sunday, June 10, 2012

I want my mommy.

Seriously I hate life today. Im done this place and some of the jerks that live here. This year has really hard on me and ricky, people we thought were friends are not, people we thought were family aren't, and its been really eye opening. I was the one fighting to stay here. What with all the bullshit that's been happening I'm so happy to know ill be leaving it soon. Once we move back to California I'm NEVER coming back here. I'm happy to know that savannah will start kindergarten in the USA. The real true friends I have made will be my friends for life the fake ones can fade away. I won't look back. I can say Sweden is not a very welcoming place to live and nether are some of the people. Their are exceptions I have met some amazing people that I'll miss dearly, and I have met some that I'll be happy to never see again. I know I'll be happy again and I know savannah will be so much happier when her mama is happy again. So I can not wait to leave!

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