Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ignorance is bliss

Sometimes I think I'm better of not knowing things. If I knew, I would be put in a god awful situation but still the not know bothers me. I think life is playing with me right now... Testing how I'll Handel things. It's not the best time to test me but it's is what it is. I'm not one that's likes to start a confrontation in fact I like to avoid them. But if one is started I'll fight back if it's worth it to me. I'm just tired, why cant my life just go smooth for once. I'm starting to see why Ricky and Jojo are they way they are theI don't give a fuck attitude works fine for them. they are smarter then I am o let my heart take over. Where it the happy freaken medium. Never at peace always troubled. I need to just like go and not care that's what everyone always tells me. Maybe it's time to take that advise.

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