Thursday, October 25, 2012


I hate everything, I just wanna be left alone. Can't stop crying everything is wrong right now. I can even just be a good mom. I can help my daughter who's in pain I have tried everything. I really cant breath, my chest is heavy. I lost everything family, friends, I'm so poor I can't take it anyone. I can stand being here, where everyone seems to find reasons to hate me. my mental health is suffering. Can someone ether help me get out of here, or just leave me alone. I don't need anyone else telling me how shity of a person I am. World just leave me alone. :,(

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BNE said...

You are amazing, in every way.
As a mom, wife and friend.
I know I'm bad keeping in touch with you and
It's sad but I'm having a hard time to..
I'm tired of living and I don't know who I am anymore.
I lost most of my friends, I don't have a job,
I live far from everything. I feel stuck in my life basically.

Life isn't always
what we tought it would be.
But there are people who are having a bad bad life
comparing to your life, comparing to my life.
We just need to make the best out of every thing and
live for the things that really matter, like our familys.
even if your family lives on the other side of the world they are with you all the time .. in your heart, always.

I find it hard to tell people that I love them just right out of the blue and it feels so ridiculous to write it here.
But I do, I love you and your beautiful little girl and your husbie. I think about you a lot and I miss you often!