Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Warning!!! Graphic details. :/ Poor girl had a tummy ache!

Today there has been vomit and constipation for the little girl! She was so hard in her stomach, it was an hour of crying and pacing back and forth. She kept saying her butt and tummy hurts! I hate when my baby's in pain! This is the first time she has ever been constipated and it's not fun.. I must say. She was screaming and holding her stomach. I have had this pain before and I felt so bad for her. :( i had to give her a laxative. she finally got the strength to push it out and she started barfing! So gross I almost joined in. But after she was so fine! She took a bubble bath, ate 2 plums drank water and pear juice, and a digestive cracker. She's back to normal so far! Hope it does not come back! not fun!

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