Thursday, July 19, 2012

I drove my car into a ditch.

Yesterday I must have had an angel watching over us. I was driving over to Jojo's with savannah in the back seat, we were going to get her to shop for a present for jockys birthday. It was a bit rainy and thunder I got literally less than one min from my home and I saw some kind of animal fox looking run across the road, I turned so not to hit it and when up the curb and down into the ditch. It was all in such slow motion I felt the steering wheel shake and the breaks give in an I just lost control. We could have been seriously hurt or died but luckily we were completely ok, and the worst thing on the car was a flat tire. I got out of the car as fast a I could got savannah out and called jojo and jockey, the best friends a girl could ask for they are always their for me. I called a tow truck and then Joni and Veronica and they came next Joni tried to get the car out with his car but it wouldn't budge. Ok so Sarah and a bunch of other were helping it was like a Kungsangen party on the side of the road. I'm falling asleep while weighting this so good night thank god I'm alive. Right? I don't know.

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