Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Night drive!

YES DRIVE!!!! I love my car my old volvo 1999! Im So peaceful in my car alone. it seriously calms me and makes me feel free and safe! My car has alway been my safe place as soon as I got my drivers license, it's were I went to get away from my parents constant fighting, it's where I slept some nights, it always got me where I needed to go and away from where I didn't wanna be. Kept my clothes in there made out with my bfs in there. It was my home and all the different cars I have had have all had personalities. This one I have now is the little engine that could, I know she hanging in their for me she old and tired but I need her! Omg I have lost it! My car is everything and helps my stay sane right now. Couldn't be more thankful for it! count your blessings!

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