Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday blues.

:( I hate this feeling probably one of the worst feelings, anxiety... I'm so sad I want to to fly away from here. I find my self doing things I don't even want to do just to keep myself entertained. I wanna leave NOW! Back to California back to my home and family. I have never wanted something so much. I know I go on about this all the time but it's just how I feel. I know we are going to move back, but i just cant wait. I wish it was yesterday that we left. I have had my run and now I'm done. I feel alone In a crowed room, I feel sad when I should feel happy. I'm unproductive and worthless, I'm sorry this is so depressing but this is my freaking blog and this is how I'm feeling. Do like it don't read it. Everyone goes through tough times in their life's and no one can or should put a time limit on someone's pain. It's hard to get out of a deep hole when mud is constantly being shoveled on top of you. I really feel like kate winslet revolutionary road. Just trapped. :(

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