Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shit talk!

Ok we all do it from time to time but omg!! When someone does is to someone that's friends with me and actually think they would but in there side?? Huh? does my head in. But I really couldn't be bothered! I have no power left to care about stupid thinks or stupid people.
I actually feel bad for people even when they have done me wrong, it's like I wanna help them. I wanna shake them and say why are you doing this? but I'm not welling to get hurt again.
Some people may think I'm a bitch I'm sure some do, I don't think I am... But of course I can be at times. but in general I try and I am a kind caring person! But if you really truly knew me you would know I have a soft heart and I love more than I hate. It sad people don't care to see that.

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