Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cal-optma and having a UTI

Sucks! Both of them. I don't shame people that need to be on cal-optma but I can not wait till the day I don't have to be. I miss the Swedish health care right now. So I have to pee every 30 min and that's starts to freak me out so I get anxity attacks because we all know I have hypochondria. So I start thinking I have diabeties. I call all th health care providers I can and no one will take me finally I get a hold if one, he answers the phone... Wong, me what? Wong! I say yes umm I need to make a apointment. He said when, I say soon he's says ok Monday 2:00 I say ok he hangs up. Wow so perfesional, but what can I expect form the bottom if the barrel health care. Ya thanks Obama this is awesome. So i have my sister take me to the hoag ER last night l walk in see the Ebola protocol and I'm officially freaked out and I leave. I decided to go to cvs a drugstore and just pick up the
I go home take the test! Shows I have a uti so I take the other 2 test and all are positive. So all night I'm pounding cranberry juice I take vitimin c and magnesium and I soak in a Epsom salt bath. Go to sleep! I still need to pee every . But I'm going to the doc Monday. 
So I feeling really bad and it's Saturday I need to see someone before Monday. So I call the 2 regent cares in my area... Guess what they are closed on the weekends OF COURSE!  So I go to a regular ER care and they tell me it's gonna be 175 for a uti test. I just did it because last time I ignored it I was in the hospital for 4 days. So they do the test... And  it's clear no infection. What?? So now that's 175 down the drain. :(  I'm confused, they said maybe it's just the early stages and not showing up yet. So i get a perception for antibiotics but he tells me that might not work cause they don't know what bacteria it is. I'm so tired at this point. I just wanna feel better. 

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