Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin painting!!!

So today the plan was to dress up and go to our friends pumpkin carving party! But I have not been feeling well because of uti so I Started antibiotics today. :/ so we stayed home and took it easy. I had been telling savannah all week she was gonna get to dress up and it was gonna be so much fun but then things changed. So we wanted to make sure she still had fun. So we had a little pumpkin painting party at home just us! I have to say my kids are never happier than when I give them time and positive attention. Skyler was so excited she couldn't even contain herself! Art make all of us calm and happy savannah thanks me and tells me I'm the best mommy. She just so happy in her little heart it makes me happy. I know I need to spend more time doing stuff like this with her!

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