Sunday, October 12, 2014

Organic food! Yummy

I'm lucky to have the choice to feed my kids good healthy food! And it doesn't have to all taste yucky ether. I try to feed my kids organic fresh food. But kids like to snack... so I went to sports and found some snacks with low or no sugar, raw or organic. They take probiotics, Vit D,  and we try to keep sugar out of what they eat. Let's face it they will get their hand on sugar but for the time I have them home they will eat healthy. We have trouble with veggies, savannah likes

broccoli and she she eats salad but Skyler is a fruit eater she's not fond of the veggies. I have tried since she's started eating! I will keep trying! Also we only give them water and occasional oj. My kids LOVE water so it makes my job easer!   

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