Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So it's a nice warm day so I have the balcony door open so we can have a little fresh air! Savannah is napping peacefully on the couch, but not so fast... peacefully not so much because my neighbors who are sitting right across from us are letting there 2 kids play around right outside our baloney why??? WHY I ASK??? They live right there why can't there kids play in front for their place? They keep screaming an waking up savannah!!! and I'm getting so pissed off they have no respect for other peoples personal space. The grass in technically not our property but it's more ours then there's ... would they like me to let savannah go and scream right out side their door when their baby is asleep?? I don't think they would appreciate it at all! Have some decency! Ahhhhhh rant over! Door slams!

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