Tuesday, August 28, 2012

spell it out...

I miss the fun times! People that were happy and didn't judge you! I want this to be about the thinks I love in a person! I like fun, spontainious people that don't have judgmental attitudes, people that dont expect you do things for them, generous, kind, even a bit emotional. I happen to get along better with emotional people because I understand them. I don't get cold people that hold their feelings in. Their is a weird dead look in their eyes. Sometimes people fight... get over it!!! It happins, But Its what happins after that makes a different. People need to say they are sorry and fix the issue. People that just want to pretend like they did nothing wrong and like the problem will disappear are cowards. That is not someone I want to be around. One this is for sure I hope I am all these things I have said and If im not I hope to be one day. Nobody's perfect but we can always hope tp be better.

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