Friday, August 31, 2012

My Friday!

Well today was boring as boring can be! I was gonna have Sandra and Jojo over for coffee and a good girl talk sesh but It poored down rain all day long! No wants to go out in that
Mess especially not a new born baby. So I cleaned the whole house, mopped, washed all the bed sheets even scrubbed the wall! Although I did all that, it only took me a hour :/ so There was a lot of day was left. Savannah and I cooked dinner together she loves to sit up on the counter and help! The we played In her room babies... one with only a head! Lol the it was shower time! I thought surely she would be ready to sleep after that! But nope so it more play time. Now I'm laying down with her trying to get her to sleep... unsuccessful. I just wanna have some quiet time it's Friday after all. And dexter is waiting! :)

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