Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And I know...

Maybe I'm getting old... but I look back and regret not know how good I had it, and like I didn't even realize it! like how good of a body I had, or how I lived so close to the ocean and could take a nap under a palm tree. But now I know I'm gonna leave here and I'm not even gone yet and I know while it's happing what I will miss. I'm not taking it for granted because I love it so much but I know when I'm back in normal life I will be so sad to not be in Sweden anymore, and see some people, and just to celebrate mid summer valborg or melody festival! That will all be over. Gaaaa why is life so fing hard??? I just wish it was easer. I don't wanna miss a thing I wanna live it, live if all.

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